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At KJD, the staff and management aim to provide a high standard of care and support, for people living in their own home which safeguard and promote the health, welfare and quality of life of individual. It is also our aim to meet the health needs of each of our service users, to tailor our care and support individually and cooperatively, and to ensure that the rights, privacy and dignity of our service users remain central to our work at all times. We have years of experience in providing high quality person-centred care at home for older people and people with disabilities living in and around the London area.

Right from the beginning, we'll make sure we get a detailed picture of what it is you're looking for and what is important to you or your loved one, to ensure that a truly personalised package of care and support can be set up.

The processes we use at KJD Care are designed for our service users' convenience and comfort while endeavouring to maintain and prompt safe conditions.

If you or a loved one need some support to continue to enjoy life at home, KJD Care can help to make that happen.We provide support in the following areas:

  • Dementia Care

  • Our staff are trained to provide high quality person-centred care and support to people with dementia. Our aim is to ease the symptoms of dementia with understanding and expertise by focusing on adhering to the individuals specific needs.

  • End of Life Care

  • End of life care is support for people who are approaching death. It helps them to live as well as possible until they die, and to die with dignity.

    Caring for people at the end of their lives is an extremely important part of the services we provide. Like any other service, providing end of life care means ensuring that we understand how you or your loved one would like to be cared for.

    Every individual has the right to their own beliefs and customs and our kind and sensitive support workers are trained to understand the diversity that exists in our communities. We always work in partnership with service users and their families to ensure their support is delivered the way they want it to be.

  • Attending Appointments

  • We regularly support people to attend important appointments - everything from seeing their GP or Dentist, to visiting the hospital or getting their eyes tested.

  • Assisting with Medication

  • All of our Care at Home staff have completed medication administration training to ensure that they are competent to safely support people with their medication. Therefore, we also have robust policies and procedures in place and always follow national regualations and recommendations regarding the administration of medication.
    We regularly liaise with GPs, Pharmacists, District Nurses and other healthcare professionals to ensure safe practices are maintained.

  • Shopping

  • As you get older it can become more difficult to get out and about, especially to do things like your food shopping when you have heavy bags to carry. This is something we can help with, either by going with you to the shops, going to the shops for you or helping to order your shopping over the internet.

  • Housework

  • If you are finding household jobs like cleaning difficult, then we can help. Whether it's support with specific jobs that you are having difficulty with, or you'd like us to give your home a regular full clean, our sensitive and skilled staff will do things just the way you like them to be done.

  • Preparing Meals

  • Maintaining a balanced diet is an important part of keeping healthy. To ensure that service users eat properly, staff can either assist service users in preparing/cooking meals or cook meals for them. Our Care at Home staff are happy to prepare simple hot or cold meals that can be eaten later in the day, such as soup, salads and sandwiches.

  • Personal Care

  • We understand that every individual has specific needs and preferences, which is why our support is always personalised to the individual who is being supported. We know that when people require support with personal care it can be difficult or embarrassing for them, and they might worry about losing their independence.
    Our sensitive and skilled staff are highly experienced at putting people at ease, and supporting them to retain as much independence as possible with their personal care needs.

    We support our client in the following daily activities:
    • Bathing and showering
    • Support with getting up from and going to bed
    • Help with using the bathroom and toilet
    • Getting dressed and undressed
    • Support with continence care
    • Shaving
    • Cleaning teeth
    • Denture care
    • Awareness of personal hygiene

We Offer Quality and Affordable Service For You.

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