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A major injury, illness, or health event can turn anyone’s life upside down. So it can be tempting to view a loved one’s hospital discharge as the moment when things go back to normal. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. With many hospital visits, the month or months after a hospital discharge represent a high-risk period. Often, seniors who are coming home from the hospital require care and support, including non-medical in-home care.

You shouldn’t be sent home until agreed support is in place, services are ready to start, any adaptations have been made and appropriate equipment has been delivered or installed.

Each of our holiday and respite care packages has been tailored to suit the requirements of each individual, so that you can rest assured that the right care will be provided during the regular carers time off, no matter how long or short that may be.

If you’re eligible for help, staff will ensure support, services and any home adaptations are ready for you before you are sent home. You will be told who to contact about your care plans or services. For example, they may discover that you need help with things like personal care or preparing and eating meals. If you have a carer, they are also entitled to a separate care assessment and there may be support available for them too. If you are deemed to have eligible care needs, you will then have a financial assessment to see if you’re eligible for financial support. If you are eligible, your local authority will help to arrange services. If you aren’t eligible for financial support, you will have to arrange your own services to meet your needs.

If your care needs assessment shows that you aren’t eligible for help, you can still arrange your own home care. You may only need help with domestic tasks for a few weeks while you recover, especially if you live alone. Hospital staff may organise or suggest local organisations that can help.

Your local Age UK and other voluntary organisations may offer ‘home from hospital support’. These services may help to get your home ready for your return and assist with non-medical tasks such as shopping and light housework.

If you go home and support has been arranged for you, social services must check it’s still right for you within a reasonable time frame. After this, your care plan should be reviewed at least once a year or more often if needed.

If there’s a possibility of you going to live in a care home permanently after a stay in hospital, you should have been considered for intermediate care and reablement services. They could allow you to make as full a recovery as possible before making such a decision. You will also be considered if hospital staff think these services will help you recover further once you no longer need hospital care.

Recovery from injury and illness doesn’t end when you and your loved one walks out of the hospital doors. Any medical event that requires a hospital stay will likely take weeks — or even months — for full recovery. And a healthy recovery depends on following the directions of your loved one’s doctor and nurses.

It goes without saying that when your loved one leaves the hospital, they don’t plan on checking in again any time soon. One of the best ways to reduce their chance of readmission is to ensure they have the help they need around the home. In-home care after a hospital discharge ensures that your loved one receives the exact support they need to increase their chance of a full recovery. This kind of care can take many forms, from weekly check-ins, to daily visits, to 24/7 support and monitoring.

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