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KJD Care definitely have knowledge of how difficult it can be caring for anyone. Depending on the degree or level of care needed, even the most basic daily tasks can become herculean. For hard-working full-time carers, in some situations a short break or simply a holiday care is just what they need to refuel their energies. For regular carers, taking some time for themselves might even seem difficult to achieve. However, at KJD Care our Respite and Holiday Care service can provide flexible care workers, who are capable of fulfilling all of those regular care duties in their absence.

Our care workers can provide various respite services, including: Management of all your care needs, 24 hour complex care support and friendly company for individuals living alone.

Each of our holiday and respite care packages has been tailored to suit the requirements of each individual. This way, we put your mind at ease by ensuring that the necessary care is provided during the regular carers time off, no matter how long or short that may be.

Our aim at KJD Care is to make sure everybody’s well-being is prioritised and looked after, starting from loved ones requiring daily support to families in need of a holiday, short break, or even just a day off.

Holiday care, also referred to as respite care or care home holidays, provides a break for those looking for convalescence with additional professional assistance and support before returning home following a hospital stay or short illness. It also gives the perfect solution for carers or family members who need a break from their usual caregiving routine but want to ensure that dedicated care for their loved one is still taking place.

Holiday care can also be used to find out if KJD Care Ltd is right for you, giving you the opportunity to experience life with us as well as providing an opportunity to get to know staff and residents, should you require a more permanent stay in the future.

If you do not require round-the-clock care and support, then perhaps day care is more suited to your needs. Day care is a planned program of activities during daytime hours designed to promote wellbeing through social and health-related services.

Our day care service is available in all our care homes, which includes the Head Office and our supported home addresses respectively.

Whether you are looking for temporary, daily care or a week or two away with care home holidays, KJD Care Ltd has the respite care facilities and experience to support you.

Are you searching for the best Respite and Holiday Care in your area?, do navigate to our contact page, and find us on the map there, we are closer than you think!

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