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Supported living refers to a range of services and community living arrangements (CLAs) designed with individuals with disabilities and their families to support disabled citizens to attain or retain their independence or interdependence in their local communities.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) considers �supported living and �extra care as separate service types. If they carry out a regulated activity such as �personal care within their remit, such organisations must by law seek registration with the CQC.

In both supported living schemes and extra care schemes, because the arrangements made in respect of a person�s accommodation is separate from the care elements, these services are not classed or registered as care homes, where the accommodation and the care and support are registered as an entity. CQC will not inspect the accommodation, only the services provided under the definition of personal care.

What makes Supported Living different?

CQC Compliance Standards

Care services provided within extra care and supported living schemes are subject to the same outcome registration requirements as those set out for mainstream domiciliary care. In supported living arrangements, an individual�s accommodation is regarded as separate from the provision of personal care and support. Accordingly supported living schemes are not registered as care homes for the regulated activity of �accommodation for persons requiring nursing or personal care but for �personal care (or other regulated activities) only.
Nearly all supported living care providers are therefore registered as domiciliary care services. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors do not have the powers to make checks on individuals accommodation as they do with care homes, so would not apply, for example, Regulation 15 �Premises and Equipment of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014.

The Scope of CQC Regulation

There has certainly been policy discussions about extending registration to the accommodation side of supported living schemes on the grounds that some of the accommodation used for supported living is inadequate and unsafe. To enlarge the scope of the registration of supported living schemes would, however, require a change of law.

Supported Living for couples

However, in its �Registering the Right Support policy on services for people with learning disabilities and autism in line with the �Building the Right Support agenda, CQC will clearly assess the impact of the accommodation being offered in registration and changes of registration applications made by providers, who seek to set up or extend their supported living schemes.

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